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Clinical base of the "Salymbekov University"

The University has at its disposal 3 multifunctional clinics in Bishkek, which successfully provide medical services to the population. The University also cooperates with public hospitals in the field of internship for students of the University.

Clinical bases of the "Salymbekov University" Institution

  1. Multidisciplinary clinic "Lazmed": there is a hospital for 30 beds, a polyclinic, an operating room and equipped classrooms for conducting practical exercises in special medical disciplines for a visual demonstration of patients. The doctors are also highly qualified and at the same time are university teachers.
  2. Eye Microsurgery Center "Dordoi Oftalmik-service", located near the university. The medical center had a daily visiting day, all the medical staff worked on schedule and doctors consulted patients. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology, experienced doctors. The hospital is comfortable. Doctors are also university teachers.
  3. 5-storey medical center on the street. Timiryazev. The new medical center is owned by the university and provides the population with a full range of medical services. The university has already invested over US $ 2 million in the construction and procurement of the necessary medical equipment. The official opening of the university is scheduled for February 2020.

Multifunctional clinics "Lazmed", "Dordoi Oftalmik Service", a clinic on the street. Timiryazeva have modern medical equipment and medical equipment for examining patients and subsequent treatment. For example, the medical clinic "Lazmed" is equipped with modern medical equipment, including such equipment as:

  • Equipment for gynecology,
  • Calboscopes,
  • Apparatus for vacuum roller massage,
  • Laparoscopic apparatus for providing operative surgical access,
  • Lasers for removal of warts, papillomas, kandilom,
  • Artificial lung ventilation apparatus,
  • Defibrillators and more

Eye Microsurgery Center "Dordoi Ophthalmic Center" is equipped with unique equipment of the latest US technology, an ultrasonic phacoemulsifier "LEGACI", moreover, the center has at its disposal the entire set of medical equipment necessary for high-quality operations in ophthalmology and eye surgery.

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