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If you want to be always in demand in the labor market, to have respect, then enter the Salymbekov University at the international medical faculty, specialty "General Medicine" and get the qualification "Doctor".

11-18 August application submission

Acceptance of documents online at 2020.edu.gov.kg

Only for you, the contract is 75 thousand soms this year, taking into account discounts (for applicants of the Kyrgyz Republic)!

Training takes place at the level of international standards.

University advantages:

• 7 laboratories of chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, anatomy

• 2 diagnostic laboratories

• Simulation and dummy center

• Preparatory

• 3 clinics equipped with modern equipment.

• cooperation with Turkish universities and clinics.

There is a system of discounts on tuition fees for the best students


✓ ORT certificate


🔺110 points on the main test

🔺 60 points in chemistry

🔺60 points in biology

Your future is in your hands!

The "Salymbekov University" institution is waiting for you!

Selection committee:

Kabyl aluu commissions:

📲0505 658518 W / A

📲0776 658518

📲0558 658518