About us / Mission

University Mission

The mission of the Salymbekov University Institution is the formation in the Kyrgyz Republic of a universal platform in the form of a modern higher educational institution that operates in the field of the quality provision of educational services according to high international standards. The priority task of our University is the export of educational services and high-quality training of qualified personnel with all the knowledge and skills of specialists in various fields. In addition, our mission is to provide knowledge, skills and practice in the best traditions of the educational system in the UK, the United States, as well as the leading countries of Europe and Asia.

Priority goals of our University

The priority objectives of our University are five important areas, including such areas as

IT sphere

Business management


Vocational education

Medical education

Mission University

The Salymbekov University aims to unleash the full potential of a multilingual education system, when, along with the state and official languages, students during the educational process successfully master the English language. The modern knowledge and skills acquired at our University, combined with fluency in the international language, increases the competitive ability of our graduates both in the domestic and foreign labor markets, and also allows them to successfully carry out their work in any English-speaking country.